Welcome to Greendale Community College!

Welcome to Greendale Community College, located right in the heart of Greendale, Colorado. We are here for you, and the great people of our city, county and state!

You might ask yourself, "What I can expect from Greendale Community College?" And to that, we say "What can't you expect?" We pride ourselves on giving you, the community college student, more than you expect. We give you what you deserve.

And we do so by sticking to the Straight A's of Greendale: Accessibility, Affordability, Air Conditioning, Awesome New Friends, A Lot of Classes.

For more information, visit our About GCC section of the site.

Student Spotlight
Hometown: Riverside, CO

Meet some Greendale's finest and most talented students from across this great state of Colorado.

Spring Semester

Start looking at the school catalog for interesting elective courses. Sign up begins and ends in April.

Get your Greendale Gear!

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Dean Pelton's Office Hours

Dean Pelton is holding weekly office hours to meet with students. It's first come, first serve.

St. Patrick's Day

Dean Pelton's office has started a petition to support a St. Patrick's Day school dance. If you're interested in signing, please stop by his office.